Diaper Propaganda, Promotion and Persuasion

(That is my beautiful baby boy Kian on the left in 1993)

Links to Diaperless Culture

Infant Potty Training

A How-To Article on Diaperlessness
Elimination Communication
Elimination Communication revives how evolving humans cared for their babies WITHOUT diapers. This is Yahoo Support Group for parents promoting a diaperless culture and attachment parenting
    A network of free support groups
Diaper Free!
The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene
MamaRoo Attachment Parenting: www.mamaroo.com (section on diaperlessness)
So, if you must use diapers, use cloth diapers!

In Depth Reviews and resource for Discounts on Cloth diapers. From all in ones to flat diapers from motherease, fuzzi bunz and other top brands.

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